Micro Matic 15 lb CO2 Tank (Empty)

Micro Matic 15 lb CO2 Tank (Empty)

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The Micro Matic 15 lb CO2 Tank (Empty) # 430A-15E  is made with a strong aluminum body and can hold a maximum pressure of 1800 psi. 


Material Aluminum
Capacity 15 lbs.
Max. Pressure 1800 psi
Diameter 7"
Height 27"
Weight (Empty) 18-1/2 Lbs.
Valve Threads CGA-320 (Intended for use with a CO2 Regulator)
No, we send the CO2 cylinders out empty, but we recommend you speak to your beer supplier or look online for a local store to fill it. 

How Many Kegs Can You Pour with One CO2 Tank?

As a general rule, it takes 1 lb of CO2 to dispense a 1/2 barrel of beer. The table below lists the approximate number of kegs that can be dispensed from each size of CO2 cylinder.

2-1/2 lb Cylinder 5 lb Cylinder 10 lb Cylinder 15 lb Cylinder 20 lb Cylinder
Home Brew (5.00 Gallon) 7-11 15-22 31-44 46-66 62-87
Sixth Barrel (5.23 Gallon) 7-11 14-21 29-42 44-63 59-83
Quarter Barrel (7.75 Gallon) 5-7 10-14 20-28 30-42 40-56
Half Barrel (15.50 Gallon) 2-4 5-7 10-14 15-21 20-28

If properly filled a cylinder should read about 750 PSIG when the tank is 72° F. CO2 gas exposed to heat can make the pressure increase, so if the gas tank temperature is above 72° F, the pressure will read higher than 750 PSIG. If the gas tank temperature is colder then 72° F, the pressure will read lower then 750 PSIG.

The tank pressure should read 750 PSIG until the liquid CO2 in the cylinder is gone, and the tank is almost empty. A decreasing pressure indicates the cylinder is nearly empty.