Micro Matic Single Tap Tower Conversion Kit

Micro Matic Single Tap Tower Conversion Kit

  • $248.99

The Single Tap Door Conversion Kit by Micro Matic is a top of the line commercial kit that can turn any refrigerator or countertop into a professional dispenser. This kit comes with a system "D" coupler, but we supply a variety of couplers so you can dispense more than just beer. Micro Matic has a great instruction guide for this product that you can find under the instructions tab here. 

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Gas Cylinder

Not Included - order seperately


Dual Gauge CO2

Keg Coupler

D System for North American Beers

Draft Tower

3" Diameter Polished Stainless Steel Column with Chrome Faucet


Faucet knob, Hoses with fittings, Instructions

Click the button below for Micro Matic's assembly instruction guide for the tower conversion kit.