Micro Matic Stout Beer Door Conversion Kit

Micro Matic Stout Beer Door Conversion Kit

  • $199.99

The Stout Beer Door Conversion Kit by Micro Matic is made for GUINNESS and other stout beers. This is a unique mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide helps stout beers swirl that tumbles and gradually separates into a rich black body with a smooth creamy taste.  The gas is a 75% Nitrogen / 25% CO2 gas blend and is commonly referred to as Guinness gas. This gas blend is inappropriate for ales and lagers, as it will change the CO2 content and thus the flavor of these beers.


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Gas Cylinder

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Dual Gauge Nitrogen

Keg Coupler

Not included. Choose either "U" system or "S" system


Polished Stainless Steel faucet, Faucet knob, Shank, Door spacer, Hoses with fittings, Instructions

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