Hogshead kegerators Micromatic One Quart Beer Line Cleaning Kit

Micromatic One Quart Beer Line Cleaning Kit

  • $79.99

The Micromatic Beer Line Cleaning Kit is a  must-have for single tap residential kegerators and takes less than 15 minutes to use. This kit has everything you need to clean included and has about 32 cleanings in the 16.oz cleaning powder tub. 

Tip: This works best for single tap kegerators, for dual tap we recommend a two quart cleaning kits

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  • 1 quart shatter proof plastic cleaning bottle with a low profile hand pump and a solid brass faucet cleaning attachment that has the U.S. Beer Industry standard 1—1/8"—18 thread
  • 16 oz. tub of cleaning powder. (Approximately 32 cleanings)
  • 905WL nylon cleaning brush
  • Faucet wrench


  • Remove cleaning bottle cap. Make sure dip tube is attached to bottle cap, if not hold under hot water before applying to cap to prevent tube from splitting
  • Mix warm (not hot) water and detergent per manufacture's instructions on container
  • Place bucket under beer faucet

Cleaning Beer Line

  • Disconnect coupler from keg and connect to cleaning bottle
  • Engage keg coupler, bottle will pressurize filling the line with cleaning solution

Rinsing Beer Line

  • Dis—connect keg coupler from cleaning bottle
  • Pull pressure relief valve on bottle to relieve bottle pressure
  • Unscrew bottle cap. Discard unused solution and thoroughly rinse bottle
  • Refill bottle with cold fresh water
  • Re—connect keg coupler to bottle
  • Engage coupler. Bottle will pressurize filling the beer line rinse water
  • Open faucet to allow cleaning solution and fresh water to flow out
  • Allow bottle to empty completely of rinse water

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